About us

The Assuring Autonomy International Programme is leading the safe development of autonomous systems by publishing expert, peer-reviewed guidance that you can access for free to help you have confidence in the safety of your autonomous system.

We are a £12million partnership between Lloyd’s Register Foundation and the University of York. The Foundation trusts us to provide this essential guidance as part of their work to engineer a safer world. The University of York is one of the world’s premier institutions for life-changing, inspirational research.

We are experienced, impartial and trusted researchers. We work with an international community of developers, regulators, researchers and others to publish freely accessible guidance on how to assure the safety of autonomous systems and their components. This guidance is based on:

  1. Sound research – peer-reviewed and published in leading academic venues
  2. Empirical evaluation – evaluated in real-world, credible contexts
  3. Accessibility – practical guidance disseminated online and through CPD training

Find out more about our work by visiting the Assuring Autonomy International Programme website. Areas of our work you may be interested in:

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