Need new skills in your team to support your work to assure the safety of autonomous systems? Would you like to understand how the guidance on this website can be put into use in your organisation?

We have three decades of experience in assuring the safety of critical systems and providing training to support others to assure the safety of these systems. We deliver training and education programmes to enable industry, regulators, and others to develop the expertise necessary to ensure that autonomous systems are brought safely to market and into operation.

We offer bespoke training - tailored to the needs of you and your team - and run CPD on the safety of autonomous systems once a year in April.


This is the only CPD dedicated to the safety assurance of autonomy and machine learning. It is one module of our MSc in Safety Critical Systems Engineering, and can also be taken as standalone CPD that blends self-study with in-person learning at the University of York.

You will broaden your system safety engineering knowledge, gain insight into challenges to safety processes, and learn about emerging guidance on solutions, including our AMLAS process and SACE methodology.

“Completing the CPD module and learning in detail about SACE/AMLAS has proved incredibly useful in developing systems that aren't completely managed by more conventional system safety approaches...I've found the content of the course essential." Phillip Mulvana - Lead Technologist Safety Engineering

Contact us to book your CPD training.

Bespoke training

We work across domains and bring learning from each sector to our training. We develop tailored packages for industry, academic institutions, and regulatory organisations that want to gain an understanding of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and safety assurance.

We use a case study approach and tailor these to the domain(s) you work in. The training is very interactive, with plenty of opportunity to discuss particular challenges faced by you and your team.

Contact us to discuss your bespoke CPD training.

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