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SACE outline

Validate the AS hazardous scenarios

The AS hazardous scenarios documented in [XX] shall be validated in order to check that:

  • All AS hazardous scenarios have been identified
  • The analysis of hazardous scenarios included consideration of all the relevant:
    • Agents
    • ODM elements
    • Decision points and their associated outcomes
  • Each AS hazardous scenario is unambiguously specified in sufficient detail to support the elicitation of mitigating safety requirements (see Stage 3).

There are a number of approaches that can be used to validate the AS hazardous scenarios. One approach is for an independent review of the hazardous scenarios defined ([XX]) and their rationale ([WW]) to be undertaken by a suitably qualified and experienced person. Another approach is to perform additional analysis to corroborate or identify problems in the existing analysis. This could for example include simulation of operating scenarios in order to explore different possible situations, decisions and outcomes.

The results of the validation activities shall be documented ([YY]).

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