Minimap of introduction diagram
Minimap of stage diagram

SACE outline

Hazardous failures management


  1. Identify the AS hazardous failures that the proposed design could realise
  2. Elicit mitigations for the identified AS hazardous failures
  3. Instantiate the hazardous failures assurance argument pattern

Inputs to the stage

  • [B] : Operational domain model
  • [VW] : Design at tier n
  • [DD] : Hazardous failures argument pattern

Outputs of the stage

  • [BB] : AS safety analysis report
  • [Y] : AS design justification
  • [Q] : Safety requirements for tier n
  • [EE] : Hazardous failures argument

Description of the stage

This stage considers the identification and mitigation of hazardous failures of the AS. This considers the design of the AS at each tier to determine how hazardous failures could arise as a result of that design. This is a crucial activity since, even where the design has implemented completely all of the identified safety requirements, it still may be the case that the AS may be capable of doing something else, under certain conditions, that may be hazardous. It is therefore crucial that the potential hazardous failures are identified, and sufficient mitigations put in place.

Continue to: Activity 19. Identify potential AS hazardous failures at tier n

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