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Assess AS operation outside ODM

In assessing the operation of an AS outside its ODM, it is important to understand the characteristics of the outside ODM environment relevant to the AS and its behaviours. Therefore this activity requires a description of the relevant key features that are anticipated in the environment outside of the ODM ([FF]). This is used to establish the scenarios that may arise due to excursions outside of the ODM.

Example 29 - Drone in severe weather conditions

A drone may be blown out to sea due to severe weather conditions and lose contact with its base station. It must be aware that it is now outside of its defined ODM, and that a landing on water may not be appropriate.

Those scenarios shall then be analysed to determine those which may be hazardous. There are a number of techniques that can be applied for this analysis such as Hazop [17], STAMP/STPA [28] or FRAM [13]. The analysis should involve personnel who understand the operating environments and can establish the most likely hazards for the AS if outside of the ODM. The identified hazardous scenarios due to excursions outside the ODM shall be documented in the Out of Context Analysis Report ([GG]) along with details of the analysis performed and any limitations on the analysis, e.g. assumptions regarding the environment outside the ODM.

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