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AS operating context assurance argument pattern

The argument pattern relating to this stage is shown in Figure 10 below. Key elements from the pattern are described in the following sections.

Figure 10: [G] : Argument pattern for AS operating context assurance

The top claim in this argument pattern is that the defined operating context represents a complete and correct definition of the scope within which safe operation of the AS is assured. The rgument to support this must consider both the ODM (G1.2) as well as the defined operating scenarios (G1.4).

Regarding the ODM, it must be demonstrated that, as defined, the ODM supports the AS fulfilling its autonomous capabilities in a safe manner. That is to say that those capabilities can be safely carried out within the entirety of the defined ODM. The ODM ([B]) and the Autonomous Capabilities Definition ([D]) provide the context to this claim. The claim is supported by arguing over the features that are included as part of the ODM. It is demonstrated that all of the features that could impact on the ability of the AS to safely perform its required capabilities have been identified (G1.5). The ODM Validation Report ([C]) is used as evidence to support this claim. Then for each of these features it is demonstrated that this has been included in the ODM specification with an appropriate level of detail (G1.3).

It must be demonstrated that all of the operating scenarios that are relevant to performing the autonomous capabilities in the ODM (provided as context through artefact [E]) have been identified. The OS Validation report ([F]) provides evidence for this.

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