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SACE outline

Identify AS hazardous scenarios

Based upon the analysis performed in Activity 6 it is possible to define the hazardous scenarios associated with the operation of the AS in the defined operating context. These may be specified using the general form presented earlier:

<relevant environment state(s)> AND

Example 16 - Hazardous scenarios Automotive

  • An AS hazardous scenario for an autonomous robot is: < with a static object present in the path> AND < the robot maintains its current speed and direction>

  • An AS hazardous scenario for an autonomous car is: <with a cyclist on the roundabout to the vehicle’s right> AND

  • An AS hazardous scenario for an autonomous insulin infusion pump is: <the insulin pump is monitoring the patient’s blood sugar level >< when the sugar level rises> AND < the pump maintains the current insulin infusion rate>

Note 9 - System environmental belief state

The system environmental belief state is NOT an element of what constitutes a hazardous scenario, as belief states are merely hypothesised causes of a failure.

These AS hazardous scenarios shall be explicitly documented ([XX])

Continue to: Activity 8. Validate the AS hazardous scenarios

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