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SACE outline

Validate safe operating concept for AS

The SOC defined in [L]shall be validated in order to check that:

  • The AS safety requirements defined as part of the SOC specify sufficient mitigation for all of the identified hazardous scenarios ([XX]).
  • The AS safety requirements are clear and unambiguous.
  • The strategies defined by the RODs and reduced ACs provide a sufficient mitigation for the identified hazardous scenarios under the specified conditions.

Validation of the SOC will often require the involvement of multiple stakeholders, particularly the system developers and operators who have the necessary domain knowledge and understanding of the system operation. The stakeholders should provide an independent view on whether each of the points above is satisfied by the SOC definition.

Note 13 - Simulation

One option for demonstrating the SOC for the purposes of validation is to use simulation. Simulation allows for earlier validation of the system, as well as more more rapid exploration of the operational space, than would be possible with the real system. Since simulating the entire AS can be prohibitive, a hardware in the loop approach may be used where pre‐captured real‐world sensor data is input to the simulation which simulates the AS response.

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