Minimap of introduction diagram
Minimap of stage diagram

SACE outline

Description of key features of environment outside ODM

This artefact should describe the pertinent features of the outside ODM environment and outline how this may need to impact on the AS and its behaviour if the AS exits the ODM while in autonomous operation. A tabular approach may be appropriate where the key aspects inside and outside the ODM with their differences are detailed. It is not expected that this approach is exhaustive; only those aspects of the outside ODM environment which can be imagined can be analysed. Generalisations and approximations may be appropriate in some cases. In many cases the outside ODM environment may not be particularly different to the ODM environment.

Note 26 - Sensing and communications

It may be extremely difficult to ascertain all aspects of the ODM environment and therefore approximations, models or heuristics may need to be applied. Sensing and communications may be key, as the existing sensor set must be able to make enough sense of the outside ODM environment to be able to manage the situation.

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